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Hey there pet pawrents! We know you like to take the best care of your fur-babies and stay current in latest trends. That's why we have compiled all the latest and greatest on pet health, diet tips and how to's, so you can get back to playing fetch and cuddling those sweet kitties. After all that's the best part!

Pet Health Insights

Dog Ear Infections 101: Everything You Need to Know

Spring has sprung … and unfortunately, so have dog ear infections! Ear infections are the most common health condition in dogs, and it’s estimated that 20 percent of dogs have some form of ear disease. The risk of your pooch getting an ear infection drastically increases in the spring and summer months. Fortunately, there are

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5 Secrets To Fighting Cat Bad Breath for 2019

Just like dogs, they can suffer from bad breath, especially when their oral care is being neglected. In fact, bad breath in cats is often an early warning sign of periodontal disease.

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Does Oxyfresh Pet Water Additive Really Work?

Is it all hype or does it really can help relieve bad pet breath and help prevent against gum disease? Guest blogger and pet enthusiast, Kyle Holgate, weighs in with his own experience … One of the most often overlooked part of pet care is taking care of a pet’s oral health. It’s critical to

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How to De-Stink Your Smelly Dog & Keep Your Home Fresh

Help! My dog stinks!  Even if you dust like a ninja and scrub a toilet like nobody’s business, if you have a smelly dog, keeping your home odor-free can seem like a losing battle. So what’s a desperate pet owner to do? Keep reading for some easy “how-tos” to de-stink your smelly dog and keep

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3 Unique Solutions to Stop Bad Dog Breath

Happy dog owner getting puppy dog kisses … it always looks so picture-perfect on TV and in Valentine cards. But the reality is … most pet owners steer clear of doggy kisses for one simple reason: dog bad breath. Contrary to popular belief, a dog’s breath shouldn’t smell at all. If it does, it’s a sign of

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Causes of Dog Depression … And What to Do About It

Does your usually cheerful dog seem a little off lately? Dog depression isn’t in your imagination … just like people, dogs get sad too. If only they could talk and tell us how to make it all better. Even though they can’t “use their words,” there are signs of depression in dogs to watch out

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1-Step Solution for Clean Cat Teeth: No Brushing Required

The thought of cat teeth cleaning can inspire fear in even the bravest of pet owners. Well, hang on to those toothbrushes, because there’s a brilliant and totally simple 1-step solution that gives you the same benefits of brushing without all the hassle (or hissing). Before the big reveal, take a quick second to learn

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The Truth About Tartar Buildup on My Cat’s Teeth

Guest Blogger: Happy Customer Mary M. When I moved out of my parent’s house, I did what every sensible 19-year-old single lady does: I adopted a cat. Admittedly, there were a few things I wasn’t prepared for in my newfound role as cat mom. The first was the sheer number of “crazy cat lady” jokes

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All You Need To Know About Ear Mites

Guys, we NEED to talk about ear mites. Why, Gawd, Whyyy? Well because they are the leading cause of ear infections in dogs and cats. Ear mites are pretty common, so don’t feel bad if your pet has them. It can happen to the best of us. We’ve created this guide of all you need

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7 Super Easy Ways to Stop Bird Bad Breath

If you think your bird has bad breath, don’t chalk it up to your imagination. While bad breath in birds isn’t very common, it does happen from time to time. But no need to get your feathers in a bunch over this pesky problem … keep reading to learn what causes bird bad breath, and

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