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Melissa Gulbranson


Oxyfresh - Melissa GulbransonHighlights

  • Pet Health Care Industry Expert for 20 years
  • Published pet industry contributor for Pet Age Magazine, Pet Business Magazine, Modern Dog, Pets Plus Magazine, etc.
  • Named 2019 Pet Women of Influence Winner
  • Passionate advocate for dogs and cats and non-toxic pet care products
  • Happy pet mom to Wirehair Pointed Griffon, Parker and Labradoodle Mattie

About Melissa

Melissa Gulbranson is an editor and pet education content creator at Oxyfresh. She has been a pet lover in life and for her day job, she is a communications and marketing specialist in the pet and dental industries.

In 2000, she met Jak, a 5 month old Labradoodle with the all the antics. It was love at first lick. At a year, he was diagnosed with Addison’s disease. Being a first-time pet parent to a special needs dog was a scary time. It was important to help Jak live the best life while navigating being a first-time pet parent. She experienced all the typical pet parent mistakes and searched the ends of the Internet for ‘better ways’ to do pretty much everything. This led her to her passion of educating new pet parents.

About Oxyfresh

Creating products that matter for happy and healthy pets is our passion.

Our environmentally friendly products are versatile, gentle and perfect for all pets. From groundbreaking dental care to leading-edge grooming solutions, we’ve built truly innovative products to unleash pets’ full potential.

Oxyfresh pet products feature Oxygene®, a safe yet powerful ingredient that gently neutralizes cellular debris and organic compounds that cause bad breath and pet odors, which can contribute to unhealthy smiles and smelly pets.

Crafted with only the best ingredients that science and Mother Nature have to offer, giving even the most ingredient-conscious people peace of mind, these unique formulas are proven and always 100% free of alcohol, dyes, harsh fragrances and artificial masking agents. We create pet care that matters. That’s our promise.

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Vinegar is one of the most popular natural DIY cleaners. And definitely a better option for cleaning dog kennel odor and grime away versus disinfectants that use bleach, harsh fragrances or ammonia. Those ingredients can harm dogs’ respiratory systems and upset their stomachs if they inhale fumes or lick an area that hasn’t been thoroughly

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If you’re a pet parent who doesn’t want to fuss with brushing your dog’s teeth (we hear you!), that doesn’t mean you have to deal with stinky dog breath, yellow teeth and periodontal disease. You can still get your dog’s smile sparkly clean and their breath fresh with the convenience of a daily dog water

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