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Hey there pet pawrents! We know you like to take the best care of your fur-babies and stay current in latest trends. That's why we have compiled all the latest and greatest on pet health, diet tips and how to's, so you can get back to playing fetch and cuddling those sweet kitties. After all that's the best part!

5 Ways to Get Rid of Skunk Smell5 Ways to Get Rid of Skunk Smell

Dog versus skunk.

If you’re reading this, we can pretty much guess how that one turned out! So how can you escape the stinky situation and get rid of skunk smell, fast?

Before you raid your pantry for copious quantities of tomato juice, know that this old-time skunk smell remedy doesn’t actually work.

At best, your dog will smell like skunk mixed with crockpot chili for a few days … and worse, it could give your dog’s coat an unsightly pink hue. (Seriously, his pals at the dog park would never let him live it down!)

Instead, try these 5 ways to get rid of skunk smell.

Oxyfresh - 5 ways to get rid of skunk smell infographic

1. Focus on YOU Time

OK, by “YOU” time, we’re not talking about a good book and a long soak in the tub. (We wish!) We’re talking about keeping the odor off yourself and everything in the house to prevent the skunk smell from lingering for days and even months. Seriously, it can happen!

To avoid a bigger stink, follow these deskunking tips:

  • Although tempting, don’t reach for the hose and start spraying your dog down right away with plain water. This can “set” the skunk smell into your dog and make it harder to remove!
  • Keep your dog outside for the deskunking to avoid getting the smell on your carpets and furniture. (If this isn’t possible, deodorize the air by placing some bowls of white vinegar throughout the house or spray a non-toxic room deodorizer.)
  • Wear latex or rubber gloves when you bathe your dog.
  • Wear clothes you can just throw out later – skunk smell can easily invade the washing machine!

Oxyfresh - Deskunking a dog

2. Make a Homemade Skunk Smell Remover

Making your own skunk smell remover is actually pretty easy because chances are, you already have these items lying around the house. Warning: if that bottle of hydrogen peroxide expired back when you were still wearing shoulder pads, make a quick trip to the store for a new bottle to ensure its effectiveness.

Mix together: 

  • 1 qt. 3% hydrogen peroxide (don’t use a higher concentration, as it could sting your pup)
  • ¼ c. baking soda
  • 1 t. liquid dishwashing soap

Rub the solution into the area where your dog was sprayed using a sponge or rag. Be careful to avoid the eye area. Don’t leave the solution on too long; peroxide can bleach the fur. Repeat the process if needed, then give your pet a bath with your fave doggie shampoo.

Safety Tip: Mix your de-skunking concoction in an OPEN container to avoid making a small explosion. Also, do NOT make ahead of time and store in a closed container for the same reason.

Oxyfresh - Skunk smell remover

3. Use Vinegar to Remove Skunk Smell

Your favorite pantry staple can be used to get rid of skunk smell from your dog. Simply mix 2 parts water with 1 part apple cider vinegar. Wet your dog’s coat and then rub the mix into its fur. Sit for 5 minutes (you can use this time to reflect on how much you love skunks ;)). Rinse thoroughly. As with the prior skunk solution, take care to avoid the eyes.

4. Spray Your Dog with a Pet Deodorizer

If you’re a super-prepared pet owner, you can save a lot of time and mess by just using Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer to remove skunk smell. (Yes, this is the same product savvy dog groomers use for skunk odors.)

Why it works: Skunk spray is made of oils called thiols, which contain sulfur. This powerful Pet Deodorizer is unique because it contains Oxygene®, a non-toxic ingredient specifically designed to quickly and completely break sulfur bonds, hence eliminating the odor.

Skunk 0, You 1.  

Oxyfresh - Get rid of skunk smell

5. Prevent Future Skunk Spray Incidents

Ironically, skunks don’t like strong smells. So if your dog was sprayed in its own backyard, you can take preventive measures by stringing up a scented bar of soap near your garden shed, outbuilding, or wherever you suspect the incident occurred. This will make that cute, yet stinky, little critter find a new (and safer) hangout spot.

For more odor-fighting tips for the home, check out 5 Foolproof Ways to Fight Household Odors.

Got your own skunk smell remedy you swear by? Comment below and tell us about it! 

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