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Hey there pet pawrents! We know you like to take the best care of your fur-babies and stay current in latest trends. That's why we have compiled all the latest and greatest on pet health, diet tips and how to's, so you can get back to playing fetch and cuddling those sweet kitties. After all that's the best part!

Best Cat Toys of 2021Best Cat Toys of 2021

What Cats Are Saying: Best Cat Toys for 2021

Nothing beats watching your cat pounce around and play with a new cat toy. But it’s not just fun and games! Cat toys are a great way to curb boredom and separation anxiety, keep the extra pounds off, and even strengthen the bond between the two of you.

If you’re looking to treat your special cat to a new toy, check out some of the best cat toys for 2021. But rather than US telling you why they’re so amazing, let’s hear the mews on the street, straight from our favorite neighborhood cats …


What Mr. Friskers Is Saying: It’s so realistic with all the flop, flop, flopping, I thought my mom would catch it and cook it up into fish tacos … seasoned with too much cumin, knowing mom. But alas, it’s mine … ALL MINE! I know this because of the catnip pouch. (I’m a bit obsessed with the stuff.) I also appreciate the soft cotton material. When I get tired of hunting “Floppy,” we cuddle for hours … but if you tell my friends, I will deny it. It’s even USB chargeable with a detachable motor. No idea what that means, but it sounds pretty cool!


What Tigger Is Saying: It’s the best gift I’ve ever gotten … well, except for when dad brought home my little sister from the shelter. We play with our Kitty City Tunnel Bed all day! It features an extra-large tunnel and two entryways – perfect for chase and hide-and-seek. And depending on our mood, it can be round or moon shaped, courtesy of its easy zip-together feature. Plus it has a comfy bed in the middle for when we’re all tuckered out. Bonus is the hanging cat toy. It’s so fun to bat and swat!


What Sir Whiskerton Is Saying: Fantastic feline fun? That’s the understatement of the year! I love this thing! Nothing gets me jumping and romping around more as I try to catch the colorful caterpillar – made of non-toxic material, I might add. Mom and dad have a ton of fun interacting with me, and they say it’s good for my health since I’m a bit on the chunky side. (I prefer the word “fluffy,” but whatever.) Plus, it costs less than one of those fancy lattes mom likes to buy!


What Luna Is Saying: I love hunting. But when I leave mice on the front doorstep as a gift for my parents, they don’t seem to appreciate it. I hear a lot of “Ewws” and “It’s your turn to pick it up.” But this toy is like the real deal! There are four speeds to mimic the thrill of mouse hunting. I can chase, pounce and leap right from the comfort of my own living room! The motions are unpredictable so it keeps me engaged. And it’s made of recycled plastic, which is awesome because I’m a cat that cares about the planet.


What Smudge Is Saying: Not sure why the Easter Bunny never stuffs plastic eggs with tuna for me to find, but these seasonal plush toys are the next best thing. They are really hoppenin’ with cute bunny ears and spring colors. They even come with a touch of catnip so I can swat and pounce to my heart’s content. One toy also includes a bell for even more fun!—2-pack-plush-61010.html?cgid=60000112


What Chloe Says: Two enthusiastic paws up! What’s awesome about this toy is it never gets lost under the couch like all the socks. I can swat, bat, and pounce at this tracked ball that has a rattle inside for even more fun and engagement. A must for every cat!

P.S. Want to know what else every cat wants? A GREAT SMILE. In fact, caring for your cat’s smile can actually add years to their lives … not to mention get rid of cat halitosis (bad breath). Check out the best in pet dental care products at

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