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Hey there pet pawrents! We know you like to take the best care of your fur-babies and stay current in latest trends. That's why we have compiled all the latest and greatest on pet health, diet tips and how to's, so you can get back to playing fetch and cuddling those sweet kitties. After all that's the best part!

Paws Off! 5 Ways to Stop Your Pet’s Crazy ChewingPaws Off! 5 Ways to Stop Your Pet’s Crazy Chewing

Your pet’s usually an angel when you’re around, dutifully chewing only on his designated toys. But what happens when you leave the room for a split second or (gasp!) run out for a few errands? That’s right … out and out destruction, from mangled up remotes, shredded slippers, damaged doorways or the worst — a chewed up couch!

How can you stop your pet’s crazy chewing and maintain your sanity? Try these 5 tips:

Don’t Give Chase

If you see your dog with your shoe in his mouth, your natural instinct, of course, is to chase after your pet and salvage that slobbery shoe. But try to resist! Dogs LOVE playing chase. If you chase your dog, this reinforces the “fun game” in his mind.

Instead, offer a treat to your dog to get him to drop said shoe. As your pet drops it, say a command like “Give” or “Drop it.” Put in the work and your pet will be a champion listener (and learn what not to chew on) in no time!

Toy Time

Most dogs chew because they’re bored. Bring out designated toys when you leave that are ONLY toys for when you’re gone. These should be toys that keep your dog mentally stimulated, like a Kong or some sort of puzzle toy where they have to work to get treats out. These toys are a little pricey, but are durable and so worth the investment.

Be Consistent

Only give your pet toys that are meant for animals. In other words, if you have an old T-shirt that was going into a donate-pile, don’t be tempted to start a game of tug with it. Your pet doesn’t know the difference between an old stained shirt and a brand new one.

Get a Crate

What, how could I confine my precious pup like that? In actuality, if started early, most dogs absolutely adore their crates and go in voluntarily. Dog have a denning instinct and like their own personal space. Make sure the crate truly feels like home — put a comfy dog bed inside and even cover the crate with a blanket on the sides and back. This gives it an even more zen, ‘er, den-like appeal.

If you’re new to the world of crate training, put a few treats inside and let your dog wander in on his own. As he does, say, “Go crate,” (or whatever cue you choose) and praise him enthusiastically. This may take a few tries. Once he’s comfortable inside, close the door and sit by it for 5 minutes. Slowly increase the time he’s in the crate each day.


It’s no secret: a worn out dog is a calmer, happier dog. If you need to leave for a while, exercise your dog right before you head out the door. A walk, fetch or even some exciting rounds of hide and seek will likely do the trick.

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